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Patient Testimonial

Angie stated:

I have suffered with bunions for more years than I can remember, the pain and discomfort were affecting all aspects of my life from work to leisure. It was on our last vacation that my husband said “you need to get those fixed” as I couldn’t walk long before they hurt and to be honest, they were hurting before I ever let him know that. I was only comfortable in flip flops as there was nothing to rub on my bunions! I agreed that I needed to do something, but my friend who had the traditional bunionectomy, was off work for 10 weeks and in a lot of pain, there was no way my job would allow me to be off that long and I honestly didn’t want to go thru what she did!

After we got back from our vacation my husband was Googling bunion surgeons and came across Foot & Ankle Center and the Lapiplasty procedure, when he showed me the video it made all the sense in the world to me. After meeting with Dr Mindi, I decided to have my left foot done February 4th, 2020.

I would say I probably had a textbook surgery & recovery as I had little pain that was completely manageable with Tylenol & Ibuprofin. My surgery was on a Tuesday, I stayed on the couch with my foot elevated and used the ice pack as they suggested. I went for my follow up appointment on Friday, left with a boot and was clear to go back to work with my knee scooter on Monday. I would use my scooter to get around at work and while I was at my desk, I kept it elevated, once home I removed the boot, elevated & iced. At 6 weeks I was into a tennis shoe! I had my right foot done on May 5th, 2020 and the experience was the same.

I am now over a year on both feet and couldn’t be happier, not only do my feet fell great they look great! I have had fun shopping for new shoes, of course I am careful to buy ones that have support, but I don’t have to shop with the bump in mind. There are days I still have twinges, but they are still healing and those are getting fewer and farther apart. Would I do it again? ABSOLUTELY! I understand not everyone has the same pain threshold or results but to not have to get up everyday with foot pain has been a blessing!

Drs Mindi & Paul Dayton are very good at what they do and I highly recommend them and the Lapiplasty procedure!



Foot & Ankle Center of Iowa

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