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Lapiplasty® at the Forefront of Bunion Surgery Research

The surgeons at Foot & Ankle Center of Iowa/ Midwest Bunion Centers are proud to offer Lapiplasty 3D Bunion Correction to their patients. There is a reason that Lapiplasty® is the #1 bunion product in the US. This procedure and system provides consistent, reproducible deformity correction.

With 13 publications supporting the clinical evidence behind the Lapiplasty® Procedure, Treace Medical is the recognized leader in advancing the scientific study of Hallux Valgus.

Dr. Paul Dayton,DPM is a lead design surgeon for Lapiplasty and along with Dr. Mindi Dayton, DPM they, have published numerous papers on the three dimensional component to bunion deformties, along with the most recent book on bunions. 


Midwest Bunion Centers

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This original research highlights the benefits of soft tissue and bone width reduction in patients undergoing the Lapiplasty 3D bunion correction.

There is more than meets the eye with a bunion.

While you may not currently have significant symptoms, bunions are progressive and will most likely result in joint damage to the big toe joint over time, as well as the potential for other deformities.